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In a Web server is defined as a computer, various documents of the client provides. It can either be the hardware, so in fact the computer or the Web server software installed meant. In-house networks using web servers as well as in the Internet as a Web service. Pursuant to the requirements documents can, for example, only the producer or the world be made accessible. The transmission from the Web server to the requesting client is implemented by using standard protocols, like HTTP and HTTPS, and network protocols such as TCP and IP. On a Web server, different documents are made available. It can be either static files - no matter who calls from where - remain constant. This might include pictures or classic HTML pages. In addition, dynamic files are stored that are generated depends on external circumstances. A typical example of this are Internet forums that offer different views depending on the user profile.

The display of a complex web page can sometimes hundreds of requests to the server to go ahead. Normally, all made requests are logged to a log file. This file can be used to generate statistics that give information about access to your pages. If it is necessary to encrypt documents provided, for example, when online banking is generally used the HTTPS protocol. The foundation stone for today's well-known and widespread use of the Web server down in 1989 at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Before now more than 20 years ago beat Tim Berners-Lee, employees of CERN, a project to which the exchange of information should be ensured among the staff. He was allowed to implement the project, was developed in the course of the world's first web server. was also in the course of the project, the first web browser, "WorldWideWeb" was developed. Both the server and the browser were running under the operating system NeXTSTEP. In order to better regulate the developments around the technologies, Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This body develops technical specifications for the Web these technologies.

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